Why You Became a Calvinist (pdf) (free)

Why You Became a Calvinist (PowerPoint) (Etsy Purchase)

Predestination - Acts 4:27-28, Acts 2:23 (pdf) (free)

Predestination - Acts 4:27-28, Acts 2:23 (PowerPoint) (Etsy Purchase)

John 6:65 and Calvinist Confusion (pdf)

Pyramid of Meaning (pdf)

ELECTION: It’s Nothing Like You Were Told (pdf)

Election Spreadsheet (Etsy)

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Election Word occurrence analysis PowerPoint Presentation (Etsy)

If you already support this ministry financially, email Kevin for a free copy of this file.

Sin and Glory: What No Theologian Knows (pdf)

2 Timothy 1:9; 2:10, 25-26 De-Calvinized (pdf)

35 Truths That Destroy Calvinism (pdf)

Why 1 Peter 2:8 Does NOT Support Calvinism (pdf)

Interpretation Worksheet (pdf)

Interpretation Video Slide Presentations (pdf)

 - Interpretation Part 1 - The Inductive Method

 - Interpretation Part 2 - Observation

 - Interpretation Part 3 - Event Sequencing

 - Interpretation Part 4 - CIT (Central Idea of the Text)

 - Interpretation Part 5 - Figurative vs. Literal

 - Interpretation Part 6 - Avoiding Pitfalls

 - Interpretation Part 7 - Application

How To Deal with Calvinists (printable pdf)

Why Matthew 13:14-15 Does not Support Calvinism (pdf)

  Easy to Print Version: Why Matthew 13:14-15 does not Support Calvinism (pdf)

Why 1 Corinthians 2:14 Does not Support Calvinism (pdf)

LYDIA: Why Acts 16:4 does not support Calvinism (pdf)

Understanding Philippians (pdf)

 Why 1 John 5:1 Does NOT Support Calvinism (pdf)

Are Calvinists Saved? (pdf)

Ephesians 2:8-9 Is Faith an Exclusive Gift? (pdf)

Why John 15:16 does not support Calvinism (pdf)

Soteria / Sozo Chart (xlsx)

Outlining 1 Thessalonians (pdf)

Background and Introduction to 1 Thessalonians (pdf)

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1 Class Notes (pdf)

“America’s Godly Heritage” Study Guide (pdf)

Transitional Perspectives - Notes (pdf)

John 6:44 Slide Deck (pdf)

Acts 2:40 Slide Deck (pdf)

Eternal Security - 32 Reasons (pdf)

Eternal Security Preliminary Discussion Notes (pdf)

Interpretation Worksheet

Acts 13:48 Study Guide

Predestination Presentation - PDF

Revelation Study

 - Chuck Missler Revelation Notes PDF Document

 - - MP3 Audio: Introduction to Revelation 

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. Chapter 1

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 2:1-7, Letter to Ephesus

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 2:8-11, Letter to Smyrna

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 2:12-17, Letter to Pergamos

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 2:18-29, Letter to Thyatira

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 3:1-6, Letter to Sardis

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 3:7-13, Letter to Philadephia

 - - MP3 Audio: Rev. 3:14-22, Letter to Laodicea



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