Christian Music Philosophy

(While we do not necessarily agree with every point made in every article below, we believe that these articles are definitely ‘worth the read’ for any Christian attempting to apply 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 and Ephesians 5:6-21 to the area of music.) 

Why We are Opposed to Contemporary Christian Music 

Bible Guidelines for Christian Music 

Take the Contemporary Christian Music Quiz! 

A Large List of Articles from 

“Christian” Rock: Christian or Satanic? 

Article from 

Jesus is Not Our Boyfriend 

Art Imitating Life 

Convictions vs. Preferences 

Is Your Worship Music Driven by Complaints or Mission Context? (We disagree strongly with this author’s conclusion about what constitutes “Christian Music,” but the approach with well worth consideration.)

Answers to 11 Common objections to the Biblical stance concerning Music and CCM 

Aren’t Multitudes of Young People Being Saved Through CCM?

Beyond The Fundamentals

Every word of God is pure…

Proverbs 30:5