Beyond The Fundamentals does not blanketly endorse the views or opinions of anyone who appears on the channel or website, even including those of Kevin. Each individual is encouraged to exercise discernment in separating the signal from the noise while exercising rule omega without “splitting.” That is, without dismissing the entirety of what is said due to something disagreeable, or to a misperception that the speaker or author can be mapped back to some negative label, such as works salvation, progressivism, New Age, philosophy, psychology, pop-psychology, etc. all of which are erroneous. The mature listener will be able to get the meat without being offended or triggered and will have their senses exercised to discern.

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Rene Girard

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Richard Rohr

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Jonathan Haidt - Moral Foundations Theory

Michael Heiser - Author, Professor - The Unseen Realm

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Jordan B. Peterson - Author, Professor, Psychologist