meet kevin and paula

Kevin and Paula met in May of 2019 and were married in May of 2020, in the heart of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Both have a background in Christian fundamentalism. Paula’s background is with the Assemblies of God denomination, and Kevin’s background is with Independent and Southern Baptists. Kevin is a retired Army officer and former Pastor. He currently works as an IT Project Manager. Paula is an educator, and currently works with the State of Louisiana Department of Education.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science in Theology from The University of Mobile. He has an Associates in General Studies from Marion Military Institute. He served as a Communications Officer in the Army during which time he deployed to Iraq twice. His military career gave him extensive experience and training in Information Technology Management and Leadership. He is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

While serving in the Army, Kevin was very involved in local churches. He spent several stints as pastor, interim pastor, music director, Sunday school teacher, and small group leader at the various locations to which the military took him.

In the year 2000, surrounded by Calvinist professors and serving as a youth minister under a Calvinist Pastor, Kevin became persuaded that Calvinism was biblically accurate. About a year and a half later, Kevin saw clearly from Ephesians 1 and Romans 8-9 that Calvinism couldn’t possibly be true, and realized how much it contradicted with scripture. Appalled at how easily he was deceived and with how easily others were being deceived, Kevin embarked on a journey, not just to disprove Calvinism, but to understand how deception works. He found the extant anti-Calvinist literature to be severely lacking in quality and perspective and started generating his own content, mostly in the form of notes and writings, with the eventual goal of writing a book. This later morphed into the generation of YouTube content which was nearly exclusively dedicated to debunking Calvinism, though not by original design.

A cluster of events in Kevin’s life led to an admission to the need for significant world-view re-tooling. These events included deaths in the family, including his grandparents and the untimely tragic death of his brother at the age of 33. Family divorces, including that of his parents after 44 years of marriage proved to be very rattling. The death of the family pet, situations of significant betrayal at church, and mental illness in the family were just some of the issues that formed a cluster of stressors. These events and other issues led to the end of Kevin’s first marriage in divorce. Kevin has never believed in or supported the idea of divorce. The fact that he was unable to generate alternative courses of action in the face of the circumstances led Kevin to realize that his current world-view had not imparted wisdom sufficient enough to grant sovereignty or competence to handle problems in a way that protected what he most valued. There was a values and wisdom mis-alignment. So, Kevin embarked on a second journey, this time, not to refute Calvinism or explore how people could be deceived into it, but simply how to cultivate the wisdom that would enable behaviors that protect that which is most valued and sacred, such as family and children. For the judgmental legalists out there, the divorce was not a result of any “moral failing.”

Kevin and Paula were each previously married for nearly two decades prior their divorces and subsequent meeting. Life experiences have give them both an appreciation for the value that a working knowledge of psychology and philosophy can bring to life. They both embrace the concept of “second half of life wisdom,” and earnestly endeavor to help others move in the direction of love and wisdom sooner rather than later. They both enjoy outdoor activities together such as beach volleyball, mountain biking, swimming. They also have a passion for good music and good food. They attend church together and also enjoy collaborating ideas for channel content. Kevin and Paula have a combined six children. Four of those are adult and two are still living at home.