Stealth Calvinist Takeover Playbook

Oak Grove Baptist Church, Cushing, OK

This information comes from a document that was provided to the pulpit committee of Oak Grove Baptist Church, Cushing, OK by prospective pastor Kenny Stacy in during his candidacy ~September 2022. This list was kept secret from the rest of the church until August 2023. This list is consistent with typical 9 Marks Stealth church infiltration guidelines.

Two things that should stand out to any conscientious reader:

  1. The lack of scripture associated with the below initiatives.
  2. The “I will” statements are very reminiscent of a famous character in scripture:

Isaiah 14:12–15 (KJV)12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most High.15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

The BLACK text below is from the playbook. I have added underlining to phrases that are worth emphasizing.

The BLUE text below is my commentary on the playbook contents.

1. I will setup a plurality of rotating overseers (laity overseers serving one-year rotations) that are different then the deacon ministry team. The purpose of this team is to be primary spiritual overseers of the church and spiritual accountability partners to me. (That move will subject itself' to some by-law changes. The by-law changes will come in the future once the church sees the biblical purpose and necessity of pursuing a biblical church health structure as this).

The cover story for this move is that a plurality of elders is a “more biblical” form of church government than whatever the target church already has in place. But the real reason for this change is so that the infiltrating pastor can surround himself with an establishment of theologically “friendly” people. In other words, those who seem receptive to Calvinism and who seem receptive to gradually converting the church over to Calvinism. This Calvinist-friendly establishment will serve as a hedge of protection between the pastor an any church members who become suspicious of all the changes and start asking questions.

​Any "Elders" for any reason should be nominated and elected by the church body, not by the pastor, and not by a group of cronies.

When it comes to replacing and selecting people and groups, it’s common for a stealth infiltrator to employ a covenantal signature requirement as a mechanism of enforcing compliance with his agenda (see point number 26). This covenant, which leaders and participants will be required to sign may have a variety of things on it including:

  1. What substances a person consumes or must commit to not consume in their private life (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)
  2. What media a person must not consume in their private life (pornography, rated R movies, elicit books, etc..)
  3. What media a person MUST consume in their private life such as books and videos by Mark Dever, 9 Marks Organization, John MacArthur, John Piper, Puritans, etc…
  4. What language a person may or may not use, such as avoiding curse words.
  5. Avoiding adultery, fornication, divorce, or post-divorce remarriage.
  6. Training one’s kids kids in the likeness of the stealth infiltrator (named as “God” in the document).
  7. An agreement to maintain good covenantal standing with either that church or a church of like mind.
  8. A commitment to “Biblical Theology” (which really means 'Calvinism' to them).
  9. A commitment to a certain number of services attended and other church program participation.
  10. A commitment to various spiritual disciplines such as prayer, bible reading, devotions, etc..
  11. A commitment to evangelism and outreach.
  12. Mark Dever recommends people to be removed if they do not sign the covenant.

In reality, the stealth infiltrator does not give a single care about anything on this covenant document. This is all staging and shaping. The only thing the stealth infiltrator cares about is loyalty to him and his take-over agenda and his Calvinistic theology. If that loyalty is not there, then the covenant that was signed will be nit-picked and some minor detail will be weaponized against the person as justification for that removal and dismissal. Conversely, the pastor will typically be surrounded by “friendlies” who are in constant breach of the statement and/or covenant. It’s very hypocritical. But the underlying reason is clear. The infiltrating pastor wants to be able to get rid of people who are not Calvinists. This covenant is his mechanism of “purifying the flock” without having to admit openly that Calvinism was the litmus test behind the decisions to remove people.

2. I will set the plurality of overseers as the yearly nomination committee, there by dissolving the nomination committee (will require a by-law change). This change will occur with the church's approval. It will be communicated clearly to the body for the reason why this dissolve is needed before approval is requested.

This grants the pastor and his newly established ring of cronies to now influence who is nominated to serve in other positions. The cover story will be “biblical elder-led governance,” but the real reason is to continue expanding the sphere of Calvinist-friendly leaders in other positions. While it will never be said aloud, being a Calvinist will become the new criteria for getting nominated for any position.

3. I will set the plurality of overseers as the yearly personnel committee, there by dissolving the nomination committee (will require a by-law change). This change will occur with the church's approval. It will be communicated clearly to the body for the reason why this dissolve is needed before approval is requested.

This grants the pastor and his newly established ring of cronies to now influence who is nominated to serve in other positions. The cover story will be “biblical elder-led governance,” but the real reason is to continue expanding the sphere of Calvinist-friendly leaders in other positions. While it will never be said aloud, being a Calvinist will become the new criteria for getting nominated for any position.

4. I will set the plurality of overseers as the yearly building and grounds, there by dissolving the nomination committee (will require a by-law change). This change will occur with the church's approval. It will be communicated clearly to the body for the reason why this dissolve is needed before approval is requested.

This grants the pastor and his newly established ring of cronies to now influence who is nominated to serve in other positions. The cover story will be “biblical elder-led governance,” but the real reason is to continue expanding the sphere of Calvinist-friendly leaders in other positions. While it will never be said aloud, being a Calvinist will become the new criteria for getting nominated for any position.

5. I will set a rotation of deacons to serve the body (deacons serving one-year rotations), not in any capacity as an overseer, but as physical servants to the body to minister to the physical needs and campus service to the body (including the ordinances) as partners to the plurality of the overseer team. I will lead these men to implement a combination of the deacon family ministry plan, and the deacon campus ministry action plan. If any deacon feels the call to a spiritual overseer and is serving as a deacon, I will desire to confirm the call, have the church agree with confirmation, and move them over to a spiritual overseer position.

This removes any power, influence or authority that the existing deacon body may already have in a baptist church. In other words, the deacons can no longer remove the pastor once they detect that the new pastor is installing a stealth calvinist coup against the current church, which they will likely not detect until this transition has occurred. That’s how these things go, by design. In Acts 6, these servants were selected by the people from among the people (Acts 6:3). It’s tyrannical for a pastor to “set a rotation of deacons.” “I will desire to confirm the call” means that the pastor gets to validate whether or not they are Calvinistic enough before he recommends them to the church to be confirmed as one of the plurality of overseers.

6. I will examine all the terminology of the church's ministries and phraseology and seek to realign with proper terms to identify ministry purpose where needed (i.e. Sunday School to Connect Groups/Small Groups).

Orwellian double speak is a powerful psychological tool used to lull people into compliance with tyrannical centralized changes. This is part of a whirlwind of changes from within which church members will not be able to keep up with all the changes and reasons. Calvinism is riding the coattails the whole way, but this is usually not detected until it is too late. Interestingly, “proper terms” isn’t defined, nor is the source identified for where those “proper terms” are listed. These are shaping operations for the on-coming decisive calvinist take-over. Calvinists are very sly with their terminology. They use the same terms as Christians, but they mean very different things. They will emphasize “grace” a lot. It’s a Bible word, so it goes under the radar. But what a Calvinist means by “grace” is actually “faith = works, so not by faith.” They will never say this out load, but that is the actually position and the meaning of the term to them. When they say “Sovereign,” Christians will think something like “God is on the throne and in control.” But what the Calvinist has in mind is divine meticulous determinism. They don’t advertise this on the forefront. Multiple people have even published “Calvinist Dictionaries” like the two linked below, which show what Calvinists really mean when they use certain words.

The Cover story to change from terms like Sunday School to “Connect Groups” or “Small Groups” is for updating and modernization. However, the real reason for these changes is to attract a generation of people into the church who are complicit with Calvinism, and more importantly to out-vote the previously existing members of the church. In geology, petrification is when organic matter from plants and animals is replaced with stony materials and substances. The new stone retains the exact shape and form of the organic material it replaced, but it is a completely different substance. This is what the stealth Calvinist intends for the church he is infiltrating. The stealth calvinist infiltrating pastor has no desire whatsoever to keep any of the existing church members in place. They essentially want to use your church structure to substitute another church in its place. Instead of building a church from the ground up (because where’s the paycheck in that!?), the stealth Calvinist infiltrator wants the boost of a pre-existing organization, which, by the way, was built up by someone else under completely different premises. Then he wants to slowly exchange the existing members of the church with new ones who are friendly to Calvinism and his tyrannical leadership. They typically expect this transition to take about 5 years or so, though this may vary from place to place due to different circumstances. The “modernization” of terms, structures and equipment is a cover story to bring in new members who will eventually be able to outvote the existing members. These changes are also designed on purpose to prompt and encourage the existing members to just quit and never come back. When this happens, they see it as a “win” during their 5-year transition plan. This means that you will not be there to oppose him when changes become more flagrant and obvious.

7. I will examine the churches current mission statement and look to clarify its meaning, and then proceed to make changes, additions, or subtractions that the church body will affirm before utilizing its mandate. Realize the church will only be unified in work if they are unified to the mission of the church.

When James Ross was conducting his stealth Calvinist infiltration of First Baptist Church on Bayshore in Niceville, FL, on July 3, 2022, he said, “Here’s what I will say, and here is what we will proclaim as a church. Some of you lean very heavily on the free will of man. And some of you lean very heavily on the sovereignty of God. As long as you reconcile and recognize that God’s sovereignty and our responsibility for our sin are reconciled and that we as human beings cannot fully reconcile it because we are not God, then we’re good.” There is a pretend position of paradox, mystery and not knowing. However, this false dichotomy is standard Calvinism. It’s framed in a way to make people think that they are not siding or being forced to take sides, but the false dichotomy IS the Calvinist side. There is no such dichotomy in scripture. This is very clever framing and manipulation. When a Calvinist is determining the church’s “mission,” it will doubtlessly being riddled with all sorts of Calvinistic nuances. Getting to the source and bottom of the framing and wording can be as difficult as arguing with a narcissist. Your body is telling you that something is wrong with what’s being said, but the words to explicate it escape us. At this point, people tend to go with the flow, and territory is ceded to the Stealth Calvinist Infiltrator. In a church with 900 members, only one took issue when they heard this.

8. I will set Sunday School to be an evangelistic outreach ministry within the body. I will establish an educational director (voluntary at this time) and develop vision alongside him to identify closed Sunday School groups and move them to become open for evangelist purposes. I will set (along with the Educational Director and Associate Pastor) to identify new class start goals, overall educational attendance goals and leadership development within teachers and class facilitators. I will lovingly examine the ownership mentality that can come in small groups and if applicable move to a Christ owned approach.

Evangelism sounds wonderful. But the only reason that Calvinists “evangelize” is to convince other Christians that they are also Christian. Their lip-service to evangelism is for lateral legitimization only. They have an ornate cover story of needed to evangelize and even wanting to because they do not know who the elect are and the Gospel is “God’s ordained means of regeneration.” But Calvinists actually have no gospel. When they proclaim “the gospel,” it has the semblance of the Christian gospel: the death burial and resurrection of Christ (1 Cor. 15:1-4) and the power of God to salvation (Rom. 1:16). But “Gospel” means “good news.” In Calvinism, the death, burial and resurrection is not good news for those who are not “elect” (in the Augustinian sense). It’s also inconsequential information to the elect because their salvation was determined by “unconditional election” before the foundation of the world. The only good news in Calvinism is to find out that one has been “elected” (in the Augustinian sense). However, the discovery of one’s so-called “election” is NEVER mentioned in scripture as the message that constitutes “the gospel” or “the good news,” and what scripture puts forth as “the good news” (the death, burial, resurrection of Christ) isn’t good news at all to anyone. It’s just peripheral information. The calvinist will not profess this reality or admit to it. These facts are simply the logical application and outcome of their systematic belief system. If and when Calvinist ever do preach or proclaim the Christian gospel, it is a logical and performative contradiction with their belief system (not that they don’t have cover stories for it). This is why modern-day Calvinists spend most of their time evangelizing other Christians to become Calvinists instead of evangelizing the lost to become Christians. That is exactly what cults do. The only difference between other cults (Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness) and Calvinism, is that Calvinists have successfully deceptively infiltrated Christian ranks trying to pass themselves off as one of us. They are actually worse than the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses because at least those groups are honest about the fact that their group is different and that you should leave your church and join theirs. Calvinism is not some peripheral inconsequential non-essential. It is an attack on the very gospel itself. It is another gospel, another Jesus (who didn’t die for all {2 Cor. 5:14-15 Heb. 2:9 2 John 2:2 1 Tim. 2:4-6) and another religion entirely. With regard to the concept of a “body” (as in, “of Christ”) Calvinism is a parasite or a cancer. It needs a host body to exist (Christianity, local church), and its success ultimately kills the body.

“Outreach ministry.” Again, this sounds good. What church shouldn’t be doing outreach? This is another case where Calvinists take good Christian concepts to be used against Christians. The Stealth Infiltrator’s real goals are to bring in enough people who are friendly to his agenda and theology that can outvote the existing members of the church.

“Closed/Open Sunday School Groups.” It’s hard to imagine any Sunday School groups saying, “we are closed, and do not want any new people.” Such a thing is a fictitious invention against which replacement schemes can be poised. This is a false dichotomy which will serve as justification to fundamentally re-structure the Sunday School program away from one which emphasizes scripture and Jesus, and move it toward one that supports the agenda of the Stealth Infiltrator. If this brings the thought of “cult” to mind, there is a good reason for that.

“Class start goals…educational attendance goals…leadership development…ownership mentality..Christ owned approach.” This is all code speak which means that the stealth infiltrator will adjust people and curriculum as needed to ensure that Calvinism is being taught in all the groups, and that all groups leaders are on board with the theology and infiltration agenda of the new pastor. It’s common for Calvinists to speak in terms of a large grandiose scope when all they really have in mind is on specific thing about which they don’t want to be transparent.

9. I will set to lead the Discipleship Director/ Pastor in vision planning for discipleship groups to be active in spiritual growth, biblical applicable disciplines, loving accountability and biblical community to care for one another.

“Discipleship” = “convert to Calvinism.” “Spiritual growth” = “promote and defend Calvinism successfully.”

10. I will set to update the electronics, (Audio/Visual/Lighting) aesthetics (wall color, stage structure, flooring, equipment, seating) within the current worship center that brings a more professional look for live streaming and next generation attraction.

See the second bullet comment under point number 6.

11. I will set to update all areas of ministry and the campus as a whole with a look of continued professionalism and readiness for present/future ministry that includes aesthetics, electronics, and equipment, signage etc.

See the second bullet comment under point number 6.

“Signage.” This will often include a change in the name of the church. The initiative may start with just updating the looks of the sign, but then there will be a “Hey, while we’re at it, how about we reconsider what we call ourselves!” There is usually an effort to get the name “Baptist” out of the name. It’s also typical to change the name to include some key feature or location of the local community. For example, a “First Baptist Church” may have its name changed to “Church on Spring Hill.” While there are multiple cover stories for why this is a good idea, this also serves the psychological purpose of fundamentally transforming the church into something other than it was before. This is designed to affect the community and possibly attract it, and it is designed to provide angst and a disgruntled response from the current members, with the hope that they will just quit and leave. That, of course, is never stated honestly, but it’s a well-known par for the course when it comes to stealth church infiltration coups. When the stealth infiltrator sees members who used to be “pillars” in the church quit and leave, they see this as a sign of their take-over agenda being successful, and it is something that they celebrate and an unavoidable mile-stone.

12. I will set to establish a Worship Leadership team that works with the plurality of overseers to examine and change (if necessary) the structure and flow of the weekly services, to ensure the aspects of discipleship are achieved and the overall focus weekly is Jesus. That will entail examining song selections to ensure there is a minimal chance of man centered lyrics (I, we, me) and a great chance of doctrinally sound song selections. Equally that the worship (song sets) will be multigenerational in scope.

The worship leadership team will all need to be Calvinists and supportive of the take-over agenda.

See bullet comments under point number 1 about the requirement to sign a statement or covenant. This especially applies to anyone that will ever be on stage.

“Overall focus weekly is Jesus.” “Jesus” = “Calvinism” in this case. These guys are always bad about following and promoting the wrong J.C.

“Man centered.” This is Calvinist dog-whistle language for anything that is not Calvinistic. The irony of this is that Calvinism is the most man-centered theology extant. Calvinism never exists where a mere human man isn’t there to expound it. There are no passage which say Calvinistic distinctive doctrines. NONE. Consider all the books on the 9 Marks recommended reading list. Calvinists constantly praise Calvinistic efforts, writings and accomplishments referring to them as “great giants of the faith.” Ever since Augustine got “Calvinism” from Mani’s Gnosticism, it has never existed where there isn’t a man to promote it. One could say the same of the gospel, but the message of Calvinism is different than the gospel. Christianity and Calvinism are not co-extensive. Christianity comes straight from and only from Scripture. This is not the case with Calvinism. Calvinism is an unnecessary and harmful parasite that uses Christianity as a host-body for its survival and perpetuation.

“Lyrics.” There are certainly legitimate reasons to vet songs for appropriate lyrics. But for the stealth infiltrator, Calvinism, not scripture, will be the criteria of vetting.

“Multigenerational in scope.” “Multigenerational” is not defined here. It could refer to generations of song releases, iPhone models, or hymnal publications. But it likely refers to age demographics based on point number 16. While it’s not bad to be inclusive of all people, it’s not good to modify the message of scripture to appeal to certain people groups. There will always be people that find the gospel unappealing. But we know from the long history of stealth Calvinist takeovers what’s really going on. The music will be used as a tool to bring people into the church who are friendly with the take-over agenda and Calvinist theology who can outnumber and outvote the existing members when they realize what’s going on and start to oppose it.

13. I will set the frequency of the Lord's Supper to be Sunday AM once a month.

On the surface, this is a strange requirement. Most baptists acknowledge that there is no New Testament mandate for how often to observe the Lord’s Supper. Thus, there is a wide range of frequencies that are practiced. Some do it quarterly, some do it twice a year, and some on Christmas and Easter, etc…

In the Bible, the “last supper” where Jesus administered the supper (Matt. 26:26-30) to which Paul is referring in 1 Corinthians 11:26 is Passover. Passover occurred once a year. It is rather strange that there is any discussion, much less argument over how often it should be celebrated.

9 Marks philosophy sheds some light on why a Stealth Infiltrator would insist on having the Lord’s Supper once a month. First, defamiliarize yourself with the bullet comments under point number about the covenant that church members and leaders are required to sign.

There is a 9 Marks Article which states, “As a matter of prudence, I think it’s generally wise for churches to clarify what they’re doing when they first constitute as a church through a verbal pledge the members make to each other. In the Congregationalist and Baptist traditions, this is often called a “church covenant,” and is sometimes recited by the whole church each time they celebrate the Lord’s Supper. I think that’s a great practice.”

The stealth infiltrator knows that likely very few people are actually abiding by all the stipulations of the church covenant, or whatever extra statement the leaders may have been required to sign. Having the Lord’s Supper every month is an excuse to dangle the people over a guilt trip of non-compliance with the covenant. If everyone is cowering in their pews reciting this covenant and thinking of the three places where they are violating it, this makes a person very self-conscious and insecure. It compels them to decrease the visibility as to stay under the radar. As such, they are less likely to pipe up and oppose the coup when they realize that something is awry. This is a very clever manipulation technique, and most people will not piece together that this is actually very intentional.

9 Marks churches are very well known for their “discipline” tactics. They rule with a rod of iron to exercise their usurping tyrannical control over the congregation that they didn’t build. Instead of seeing the Lord’s Supper for what it really is, such controlling an tyrannical people see the Lord’s Supper as merely a tool of control to exploit and manipulate people into compliance. Who can oppose the Lord’s Supper? It’s one of the two baptist ordinances! No one will be the wiser.

14. I will appoint a First Impressions Team Director and vision plan and goal set for implementing and continuing First Impressions ministry. (Parking lot greeters, campus greeters, ushers, welcome center greeters).

See the bullet points made in this document so far to understand the criteria for who will be chosen for these “ministries” and why.

15. I will establish (with the plurality of overseers) a leadership handguide that will be a standard of conduct, active expectations as spiritual leaders, encouragement to examine progressive sanctification, and additional guidelines that are necessary to be elevated into a position of leadership. Sheep will only rise to the level of the standard of leadership that is lived out before them. This will be for all aspects of leadership (small group leaders, worship team, deacons, directors, staff, overseers, committee members, etc). The aim is not perfection for we all sin, but the aim is Christ as we seek to make Him big in how we influence others.

“Leadership Handguide” = scripture is not enough.

See the bullet comments about having to sign a covenant under point number 1.

“Progressive sanctification…necessary to be elevated into a position of leadership” = demonstrate fidelity to Calvinism and the takeover agenda.

“Sheep will only rise to the level of the standard of leadership that is lived out before them” - this is demeaning. It also negates the work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives and presumes that man-centered causation is the only input into why and how people behave the way they do. No. Church members are following Christ, not people. As such, church history is a record of people led by the Spirit of God who rose above what was modeled for them. Calvinists would even say this of the men they worship, such as Calvin, Luther, Knox, Owen, Augustine, etc…

16. I will train, provide resources, and encourage church leadership to plan, and goal set with their established ministry teams (matrix) that will engage all generations currently at Oak Grove, and attract the next generation of people.

“Next generation of people” = so that they can out-vote and wedge out the current generation of people.

17. I will examine (with the plurality of overseers) all staff job descriptions and recommend any and all changes that are required to align with the new vision and direction stated within this document.

…to ensure that it all aligns with Calvinism and the takeover agenda.

18. I will work with the plurality of overseers to assess all ministry leaders, directors, ministry volunteers to ensure everyone is using their grace gifts in the right capacity and function. If they are not, I will work with the plurality of overseers to move them to the place that best fits their grace gift.

What are the objective metrics by which gift usage is evaluated for “right capacity and function”?

“Move them to the place that best fits their grace gift” = “If I don’t like the head deacon because he’s not a Calvinist, I will make him the toilet cleaner until he quits and leaves.”

“Grace Gifts.” This is strange wording. It literally means “gift gift.” Grace means “gift.” Someone commented on the BTF YouTube video disagreeing that grace meant “gift” and said, “Grace Is unmerited favor and kindness.” Yes, that’s the definition we got from our Awana books, but guess what, that’s still a gift. It almost sounds like this person was trying to get away from the phrase “spiritual gift” which tends to be more common. However, that is heavily used in charismatic circles, and avoidance of that phrase may be an intentional identifier as a cessationist (someone who believes the miraculous sign gifts are no longer in use by the Holy Spirit).

In scripture, “gift” and “grace” do appear together and come from two separate words (gift: δωρεά, grace: χάρις) which essentially indicate “gratuity” and “gift” respectively. Oddly enough, the first appearance like this is in a passage which strongly refutes the Calvinist doctrine of Limited Atonement - Romans 5:17-18.

Calvinists have a strange emphasis on the word grace. It’s as if they recognized that there is no grace in Calvinism, and they emphasize the word “grace” so much almost as if they are trying to gaslight themselves into thinking that there is grace in Calvinism. They even call their system “doctrines of grace” as another code phrase to conceal the fact that they are following the wrong J.C.: John Calvin instead of Jesus Christ. See the Beyond The Fundamentals Video titled “There is No Grace In Calvinism.”

19. I will require good work ethic for my administration staff, support staff ministry directors, I will require them to be goal setters, vision planners, coaches to teams and people in implementation, and servant leaders to the body. I will place a high emphasis on leadership development for all of us. Equally, I will pursue a family ship of my staff as we serve together.

“I will require them to…” …bolster my takeover agenda at their level.

20. I will establish a yearly team that will work in conjunction with the plurality of overseers to preform yearly staff/ministry directors evaluations. This is to ensure staff and directors are being encouraged, challenged, valued, and accountable to ministry work.

This will be an annual witch hunt where those who don’t toe the line to Calvinism and the infiltration agenda will be weighed against the covenantal balances and found wanting. Those who support the agenda will be “valued.”

Who is this “yearly team” and how are they selected? Sounds like Big Brother’s thought police will be on the prowl all year long, and nobody knows who they are.

21. I will engage (after the first year) and pursue outreach and missional work as a police chaplaincy for Cushing PD or Payne County Sheriff department (if they will have me), as well as seek to be certified as a Peace officer (reserve) after the first year of pastoring Oak Grove. Equally, I will engage in the National Chaplaincy for NCEA (National Criminal Enforcement Association) that will require me to be gone 1-2 weeks a year for national training and/or conference week.

These aren’t bad initiatives, per se. But there would need to be an evaluation of how much of the pastor’s time is required by the church before he starts outsourcing his time on behalf of others. Many institutions have a policy that if a person is employed full time that that job must be the first priority and that nothing else can impede that. So, it’s very presumptive to state this a year in advance, with no clue what will be going on with the church at the time.

Just as the stealth infiltrator will surround themselves with “a plurality of elders” and other cronies, they will seek to establish themselves in the community as a further barrier against any opposition that may occur from those who still think scripture is true.

22. I will plan in the first 12 months 2 retreats or training conferences one for each of the following administrative and support staff, and ministerial staff directors or chairman.

No doubt, these “training conferences” will be 9 Marks conferences or similar. These people will be surrounded and saturated by a Calvinist environment with a bunch of Calvinists who seem like “good, godly, dedicated people” who tell good jokes and use the words “gospel” and “biblical” as epithets for Calvinism. They will leave with the same kind of “high” that teenagers get at youth camp.

23. I will setup a church transition team with the first 6 months to lead in church evaluation, introducing short- and long-term changes (outside of what I have proposed to do in this document), and assist in leading the church to engage these changes for church health and growth in accomplishing her mission. The church will have active input to those that serve on this team and will vote to secure members on the transition team. This team will serve for the duration that it is needed.

This transition team will be ideological friends of Calvinism.

“Outside of what I have proposed to do in this document.” This is a blank check. This document was presented as an ultimatum to the pulpit committee that they have to accept or agree to these initiatives going forward as a condition of this infiltrator being hired. Then there is this clause which mentions changes outside the document but does not name them. What are those? How can the pulpit committee agree to short and long-term goals that are not specified? This is a horrible blank check loop hole. Any of these items should have resulted in this infiltrator’s immediate dismissal from consideration, but this one has passed from narcissism into comedy.

24. I will establish a Missions/Outreach Director (volunteer) and work alongside them to develop a team, to yearly vision plan, to yearly goal set, and to connect the church through implementation.

This mission/outreach director will be responsible to ensure everyone coming into the church is Calvinist.

25. I will setup a membership class (Starting Point) as the method to instruct and interact with potential new members. This would also act as a method to replace a "rebaptism" concept.

All new or prospective members will be summarily indoctrinated so they don’t make the mistake of believing what they read in scripture and infecting the rest of the church with that garbage.

“Rebaptism.” Some baptist churches do not recognize baptisms that occurred elsewhere as legitimate. So, they require people with “illegitimate” baptisms to be rebaptized.

26. I would setup (voluntary at this time) a church membership covenant that reveals membership responsibility for all new members. The covenant reveals the responsibilities of the member are to be faithful and obedient in all areas of the Christian life, to attend the services of this church, to give regularly to its support, to be subject to accountability in your confession of faith, and to participate in its ministries.

“Voluntary at this time,” definitely mandatory later. As state under point number 1, the real reason for this covenant is for control. When the infiltrating wold needs to get rid of someone (usually for opposing his calvinism and exposing him as a deceitful fraud), technicalities in the covenant will be singled out and weaponized against people and used as justification for their removal.

If someone is removed from church membership, the covenant will be used to control the narrative of what happened with regard to the remaining congregation (and that narrative will be nearly 100% fabricated and mis-framed), and it will be used to forbid anyone from socializing with those who were kicked out.

It’s grievous that these bullet points come from a pattern that was noticed over multiple real-life experiences.

27. I will lead the church administrator to develop vision for growing the current givers at Oak Grove through new avenues of giving engagement, generational giving assessments, and yearly giving campaigns. I will want yearly goals to be set by the Admin and Stewardship (finance) committee, for engaging and growing givers generationally, and the addition on new givers.

This is putting the cart before the horse. The infiltrator is talking about money first prior to talking about any initiatives on which that money will be spent. This is antithetical to the role of an honest pastor. A pastor can help identify initiatives and goals, and the giving campaigns come in support of those goals. We don’t have giving campaigns just to have them. Using moralism to separate people from their hard-earned and God-given money isn’t just or appropriate if there isn’t a legitimate reason for the sacrifice. This mentality is very exploitative and reveals where the mind and heard of this person is.

Titus 1:7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre

1 Peter 5:2 Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind

2 Peter 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

28. I will lead the Church Administrator and Finance Committee to align yearly ministry vision and goals with ministry line items. The budget lines will change yearly (additions and subtractions of ministry lines) based upon yearly vision emphasis and direction.

“I will lead the…Finance Committee”…NO!! Rule number 1 of being a pastor is to keep his nose out of all financial matters completely. The pastor can identify material goods associated with spiritual goals, but is not to be involved with the finances in any way. A person having as much power as this person is stipulating in addition to control of the money is the same as screaming from the roof tops that he is here to rob everyone and wants to be the next Jim Bakker, or the next Charles Southall III, or the next Creflo Dollar…this page could literally go on for 10 printed pages containing nothing but the names of charlatan money-grubbing pastors who committed the same kinds of crime that this infiltrator is attempting to set himself up to commit. Money and power always need to be in two very separate buckets that are highly regulated and difficult to access.

All spending initiatives should originate from business meeting motions.

29. I will work with the plurality of overseers to review, amend, or create policy and procedures that provide clarity, responsibility, and protection to the members of Oak Grove, and the ministries that she endeavors to implement.

“Protection to the members.” This is code speak for identifying dissidents who believe scripture instead of Calvinism and kicking them out before they can infect the rest of the members with their preference for Scripture.

Policies and procedures can only be created in support of by-laws, and there are several places where the by-laws were predicted to be changed.

30. I will set a yearly line budget (in the remaining of 2022) in the amount of 4000.00 for staff development (retreat, conferences, weekly staff meetings, and to be used for developing a staff family-ship unity). This will be used for a staff retreat for leadership development, vision and goal setting for 2023 and developing and leading a team-based ministry approach. Also, to be used for a Ministry Directors retreat for goal setting, leadership development, vision setting, and leading a team-based ministry approach.

No. See the bullet points under number 28. The pastor does not set budget line item amounts. This action is inappropriate for the role of pastor. The pastor is free to recommend staff development activities, but and objectives, but should not be involved in any way with pre specifying the cost or price, or even the modality. This is obviously a ploy to get these staff members into 9 Marks training to help solidify them into Calvinism. The church needs to be put the kibosh on that in a hurry.

31. I will set a yearly budget in 2023 for 3000.00 exclusively for Law enforcement/Chaplaincy work to be used for missions and outreach exclusively for Law Enforcement purposes.

See bullet comments under number 28 and 30. The non con-man way to word this would be that he intends to be involved with law enforcement/chaplaincy work and will periodically petition the church to assist with expenses. Setting an aside a particular amount in advance is out of order. The church needs to maintain continuity of contact with how every dime is spent. There cannot be a blanket budget item that is not clearly specified for use, especially when such an untrustworthy person is vying for the money bag.